The Importance of Black History Month

By Meena Kaini, Ehi Ade-Mabo and Dapo Bankole during the 2021 Black History Month celebration.

The Immigrant Life hosted a talk to commemorate Black History Month. Speakers Ehi Mabo-Ade, the mind surgeon, Dapo Bankole, Founder, The Immigrant Life and host Meena Kaini discussed the importance of honoring black achievers to showcase the contributions they have made in making Canada what it is. At the same time, the conversation also focused on how individuals can make an impact in creating a respectful environment for all and how we all must rise above what our skin color is, what languages we speak and focus on what makes us human. The conversation also highlighted the importance of immigrants having a good understanding of Canada, their adopted home and the criticality of building a just society for all where each of us has a role to play.