Sitemap - 2021 - The Immigrant Life

Are You Unbanked?

Immigrant of The Month - Samra Zafar

Are You Jittery That Your Bank May be Cash-strapped?

Remembrance Day: Celebrating our Veterans.

Canadian Banks: Is My Money Safe?

Clocks Are Going Back 1hr at 2am on Nov 7, 2021

Immigrant of The Month - Preeti Pandey

Back to the Basics: Immigrant Budgeting with Ritchard Dong at Thrive Conference 2021

Mental Health and Immigrants - The Triggers, Symptoms and Solutions Exposed at Thrive Conference 2021

Life Expectancy and Immigrants - Why you need to Listen to Dr. Soji at Thrive Conference 2021

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Thrive Conference 2021 is here. You don't want to miss it!

Calgary's 37th Mayor is a Female and 1st-Generation Canadian: What that means for New Canadians

Premier Doug Ford, you need to apologize.

Meet Samra Zafar live at Thrive Conference 2021.

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2021!

How You Retire Matters

Dear Canadian Immigrant

Immigrant of The Month - Stephen Akinfemi

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2021

How to Make Canadian Experience a Thing of the Past in Your Career

That Trauma Should Not Stop You!

Job Security is a Mirage in Canada, And Anywhere.

A Pause in Time, Saves Lives

2021 International Day of Peace

Covid-19 Vaccine: Live Responsibly

Leadership is Holding Space for your Team Members

Women, Attend Thrive Conference 2021

Step In and Step Up

Jobs - The Frustrating Side of Canada

Pay Attention to the Elmina Castle

Build a Career of The Future

You Are Hurting Yourself

The Immigrant Integration Journey can be like Riding a Tiger

Why You Should Take Care of Your Mental Health

Unsure of Your Career in Canada? Motion Breeds Clarity.

A Must-Read Story From Across the Atlantic

Happy Labour Day 2021

How not to Joke at Work

It's Okay to Let Things Slide

Ask your way to a better future in Canada

The Top 20 National Immigrant Support Systems

Immigrant Of the Month – Adrienne Clarkson

Give Up to Move Up!

8 wise things to consider before starting your business

This can Reduce Sleeplessness

Embrace this One Thing and Thrive in Canada

How to Deal with Misconceptions

How We Got the Most Amazing Win! A Must Read.

You May Have What I Need

In Case You See a Homeless Person

Essential Workers: Endangered? Disposable? A Call for Change.

8 Glaring Business Opportunities for Enterprising Immigrants

30 Amazing Women Facts you Should Know

Be Passionate but be on Guard.

The Surprising Borderline that Affects you in a BIG way!

Awaken the Giant Within!

Afghanistan: After the Shock, What Next?

An Immigrant’s Dilemma over Corporate Canada

How not to Fuss

Food for Thought

Why I Secured A Calgary Transit Bus Driver Job.

A Recipe for Living - Trust!

Apply for Facebook Fellowship Program for PhD Students.

Early Days as an Immigrant

An Exchange at Lunch. A Story.

This Should not Stop You from Getting that Job!

Own Your Story Unashamedly!

Debt is Sexy!

20 Questions Canadian Employers Need To Answer.

Usman, The Angel Without Wings.

Immigrant Of the Month – Mohamad Fakih

Your Fulfillment In Life Is Found In The Help You Offer Others.

Helping Kids Adjust To The Immigrant Life

Vote For Your Top 25 Immigrant Hero

Struggling to Stimulate Your Mind? Here are 16 helpful tips!

Undocumented Immigrants Are Ready to be Taxed

Why You Should Consider Canada for Higher Studies

Spirituality And How To Do It As An Immigrant

How Immigrants Can Keep Their Families Intact

Eid Mubarak

Internationally Trained Professionals are caught up in licensing bottlenecks

Take A Commemorative Picture Of Every Phase Of Your Life.

Hold Your Positive Image. You Are Enough.

A Letter To Non First-Generation Canadians

With Government Support, Employers Can Employ International Workers.

1 in 5 Canadians are immigrants, but still too little

Immigrants Are More Self-Sustained

Financial Planning 101 For The New Immigrant

15 Easy Ways To Create A Social Life As An Immigrant

Calgary Stampede is Calling!

Refugees Receive Limited Social Assistance From Government Authorities

Immigrants Work Harder Than Native-Born Canadians

Immigrants are less likely to commit crime than native-born Canadians

Immigrants Fill Up Vacuums In The Job Market

Immigrants Drive Canada’s Economy

Immigrants Can Ameliorate Racist Sentiments in Canada

Immigrant Of the Month – Mariana Konsolos

How to Survive Heat Wave

O Canada!

Struggling To Fit In As An Immigrant?

New Trends in Migration

How Diverse Is Canada?

The Daily Realities of an Entrepreneur

6 Misconceptions About Motivation

How to Create the Life You Want in 4 Steps

Coach: Why You Need A Coach, What To Expect And How To Hire One.

How to Deal with Chaos

Parenting and Belief System

Perception and My Business

The New Immigrant’s Summer Guide

Yoga Your Way!

It’s Father’s Day

Refugee Day

Canada Releases 3 New Immigration Initiatives For Refugees

I Love Free! Anything Wrong with That?

Is Perception True Reality?

These Companies Are Hiring Right Now!

Learning Indigenous History

Use Your Superpower: Donate Blood

Keep Tab on Your Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

How I Dealt with Rejection

How to Answer Interview Questions: Fact Over Fabrication

LGBTQ: What is this about?

Valid Questions to Ask Yourself

Accept And Respect

Drawing Strength from One Another

Experiential Lessons from Working Remotely

Understanding Indigenous History

How to Be Environment Friendly

When To Apply Without Meeting All Job Requirements

How Are You Planning for Retirement? A guide for first generation immigrants

Doing Business Amidst the Pandemic.

Immigrant Of The Month – Samuel Uche Akuma

Beyond Half Mast

Immigrant Tips: Rewriting the Script of Life

Immigrant Tips: Incorporating "YOU” to your Lifestyle

Stay Connected. Stay Resilient.

COVID-19: Not Every Bird Must Perch on Your Rooftop

COVID-19. What More Can We Do for Ourselves?

Reprogram Your Mind

Work Efficiently from Home

Victoria Day!

Public or Private School Education?

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Series

Getting Past the Demon of Autocorrect

Tips for Success: Be an A Player

How to be a Business Analyst

Can I become a successful Business Analyst?

Who is a Business Analyst?

25 Ways to Survive Job Loss

You Can Lose Your Job

Five Things to Consider Before You Go for That Certification

How to Change Your Circumstances

Eid Mubarak!

Beat the ATS Bot Without Fibbing

Striking Friendships at the Workplace

In Honor of All Mothers

Leaving Your Employer? Here’s How To Do It Right.

Don’t Think You Need a Counselor? Think Again

Trust Your Instincts

Canada: New Permanent Residency Pathways Open Tomorrow

From One Immigrant to Another

Are You Depressed and Don’t Know It?

Create Your Own Community to Thrive

Watch Your Health

Immigrant of the Month – Jibs Abitoye

Taking Control of Your Finances

How to Be a Real Canadian

Mask Convenience

If I Were the Prime Minister for One Day

Towards a Multicultural Canada

Unconscious Bias: Are You Not Guilty?

How I Made It in Canada and You Can Too

The Culture of Tipping in Canada

Golden Nuggets from Episodes of The Immigrant Life Podcast

Want to Save the Earth? Keep Up your Pre-Immigrant Habits

12 Fun Facts About Canada

Be Ready for New Family Dynamics

Connecting to Your Spiritual Self

7 Steps for Manifesting Success as An Immigrant

Celebrating Yourself for Better You

White Reference from No-White World

Wasting Immigrant Potential

Canada is No. 1 Country in the World

Please Stay Back, Canada Asks Temporary Workers

Put Your Canadian Dream in Proper Perspective

A Story of Resilience: How To Adapt to Canadian Life.

Ramadan Mubarak

15 Sure Ways to Start Right in Canada

7 Lessons from the School of Adversity

I Regret Coming to Canada…Late

Embrace the Language

Understand your credit before diving into debt

11 Sure Ways To Lead a Healthy Life

Job Searching Skills for Immigrants

Dump the Debt

Sliding into Debt: An Immigrant’s Story

Advancing Community-based Support for Immigrants: The Filipino Model

Creating & Growing your Side Hustle

Easter Sunday

Launch that Business into Profitability

Good Friday

Autism Awareness

Bhangra Vibes from Yukon to the World

Should you hire Immigration Consultants/Lawyers?

Your Immigration Questions Answered

Reimagine Your New World

Happy Holi!

Don’t Stay a Victim of Domestic Abuse

I’ve been Scammed! What Next?

How to Do Due Diligence Before Putting Your Money in That Investment

Sunday Passover: Jewish Holiday

Scammers are everywhere. Even in Canada!

How to Bring-In Investors to Business

Be Aware of Epilepsy

Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Racism Is Unacceptable!

Supporting People Living with Down Syndrome

Rethink Racism

Nowruz Pirouz!

Spring is Here!

We Are In This Together

Wearing Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

Coach Confidant

Should Daylight Savings Go?

Empowering Women Everyday

Taking Care of Your Mental Health as an Immigrant

LinkedIn Will Not Work for Everybody

Movie review: A Kandahar Away

The Art of Canadian Handshake

Banish those Biases - Zero Discrimination Day

What’s the Buzz? Yukon Heritage Day

The Immigrant Life Podcast: What’s in it for you?

Bias Against Immigrants

Confusing Canadian Experience How to navigate around it?

How To Create A Desirable History: Black Immigrants In Canada

What's The Buzz? Pink Shirt Day!

Get a Speeding Ticket and Handle It like a Pro!

Overcoming the Limiting Mindset as an Immigrant

Interview Skill – Be Aware, Be Nice!

Tribute to the Settler of the Great White North

Enjoy Family Day, Your Canadian Way

'We Need You', Canada Tells Immigrants

Why You Should Get That Certificate

Racism In Canada Is Real

Do you need that car yet?

Combining Work and Study in Canada

How to Conquer the Workplace

Got A Business IDEA in Canada?

My Canadian Immigration Story

Developing the Big Picture

Don’t Live in That Part Of The City!

Are You Making These Farting Mistakes?

Creating Sustainable Networks

Taking Care of Your Mental Health.

Looking For Funds To Go to School?

Reduce Your Car Premium

Do Not Quit!

An Immigrant’s Dilemma

How to get anything? Ask

How I Got A Professional Job Without An Interview

Canada’s Workforce Is Hopeful.

Are You Prepared To Lose Your Job?

Values That Make Us.

How Do You Keep Your Sanity Alive?

How New Immigrants Can Succeed In The Workplace

Little Known Ways To Maximize Your Job Search Tactics.

Considering Canada?

Coffee With Marigold And Lily.

Taking Control of Your Life.

111 Learned Lessons On Immigrant Life Journey.

The Truth About Credit Cards that Creditors Don't Want You to Know.

It Has Been A Struggle But It's Worth It

How I Had A Smooth Canadian Narrative

Surviving Unstable Times.

How I Passed My Values To My Kids Successfully.

Give Me Lylon Bag.

How I Secured My Professional Job In Two Months.

What to expect from Immigrant Life Podcast.

In 2021, Evolve!

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