Apr 20, 2020 • 1HR 20M

ILP-0006: How I Survived 5Yrs of Professional Instability

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Dapo Bankole
Get the lessons learned, tips, strategies and actionable insights that will help you thrive as a first-generation Canadian immigrant. Enjoy the Canadian Narrative of an immigrant's life.
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On today’s show, I have with me Emmanuel Olusuyi. Emmanuel is an internationally trained engineer and project manager. He arrived in Calgary with his family in 2013 but after a few years, he had to leave this great city for family reasons. He relocated to Toronto and is doing great. He shares his experience in Calgary, why he left and how things turned out in Toronto. You will hear tips about the right networking mindset, interview and resume tips, starting right as an immigrant, workplace relationships, patience, financial common sense, belief system, family influence and lots more! His is a very interesting story of sweats, blood, and triumphs. Indeed, Emmanuel is a remarkable immigrant!