Apr 20, 2020 • 8M

ILP-0014: Will Your Anchor Hold In The Storms Of Life?

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Dapo Bankole
Get the lessons learned, tips, strategies and actionable insights that will help you thrive as a first-generation Canadian immigrant. Enjoy the Canadian Narrative of an immigrant's life.
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Life is fun until it is not. When life hits you in the face with an unpleasant surprise, what do you do? For most of us, we have a default that we turn to in times of joy and grief. I have a few things that I turn to but a key one is listening to music and singing. In this episode, I relive my High School days and how a weekly activity of community singing night has served as one of my anchors when life throws me a curveball. What is your anchor in troubling times? Visit our Facebook page to share yours.