Nov 7, 2019 • 53M

ILP-0051: Connecting To A Community Is Key

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Dapo Bankole
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As an immigrant, having a community around you and connecting to one is key says Krispin Ontong. Kris is the immediate past President of the Filipino association in South Eastern Manitoba and currently the VP of Eastern Manitoba Broad Alliance for Cultural Enrichment (EMBRACE). As an immigrant from the Philippines, Kris moved to Canada in 2010. Within 3 months, he was done. He and his wife were ready to return to the Philippines. Fortunately, they were part of a caring and well-connected community that encouraged them to stay back in Steinbach, Manitoba. Nine years after, they still live there even though it took them about 5 years to get back into their preferred profession. Krispin also emphasized that being personally committed to the immigration journey is fundamental and today, he is on a crusade to evangelize the importance of personal commitment and community to other immigrants especially the Filipino community. Enjoy this episode and share it with your network!