Jan 25, 2020 • 18M

ILP-0075: How to Improve Your Mental Health And Well Being

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Dapo Bankole
Get the lessons learned, tips, strategies and actionable insights that will help you thrive as a first-generation Canadian immigrant. Enjoy the Canadian Narrative of an immigrant's life.
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Immigrants, we have a problem. It's called Depression. It's Dapo again today and I'm here to talk about what we don't want to acknowledge or talk about. Mental health issues amongst immigrants. In this episode, I shared my story about this very discussion-worthy challenge among Canadian immigrants, actually, any immigrant at all.

Marc Schenker, the Director of the Migration and Health Research Center at the University of California Davis calls it "the perfect storm for migrants." and I agree. We can no longer afford to treat mental health issues and depression with a hand of levity.

Therefore in this content category, I will be having experts on mental wellness and other immigrants share their stories on how they positively manage the transition in a way that the attendant stress of immigration and integration doesn't rob them of their mental health.