Feb 5, 2020 • 29M

ILP-0082: Trust Your Sixth Sense

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Dapo Bankole
Get the lessons learned, tips, strategies and actionable insights that will help you thrive as a first-generation Canadian immigrant. Enjoy the Canadian Narrative of an immigrant's life.
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I am sure many people are no stranger to that "strong knowing" on their inside that tells them when something is right or wrong. A strong sense of calmness, warmth, and openness in the presence of someone when in a certain place affirms they are on the right path. Or that eerie feeling that leads to a tightening of your stomach, a sudden palpitation of your heart and sometimes very cold hands that you can't explain. There are many words for it - the sixth sense, gut feeling, inner voice, intuition or whatever name you prefer.

In this journey of integration and in life in general, there are many things that won't make sense. In those moments, your sixth sense will make way for you. It will be your guiding light to the path you are meant to walk on. Learn to trust your intuition. Even neuroscience has proven that the majority of the decisions we make are not logical. Some we end up understanding them but a number of them, we don't yet that does not make them wrong. We just need to learn to trust and develop that sense like a muscle. That's what this episode is all about. Enjoy!