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ILP-0089: Are You A Secret Agent Or A Service Provider?

ILP-0089: Are You A Secret Agent Or A Service Provider?

If you want a change in your circumstances, then you've got to move. 

I'm here to talk to you! Yes, you - the very person listening to me right now. All I want to do is to remind you that unless you change, nothing's gonna change.

You can meditate, do yoga or go on marathon prayer and fasting for as long as you like unless you tell people about that service that you offer and they buy from you, nothing's gonna change. Unless you tell enough people that need the service and they buy from you, nothing is gonna change!

Why would you develop that product or service and tell no one about it? You've gathered so much market intelligence, snooped on your so-called competitors for years on end now and yet you are yet to make a move! You've bought every single online course, gone for a myriad of training with your savings and even line of credit yet you have not told anyone about your product or service beyond your family and a few friends!

You are in a job that is killing you! Yet you are smiling. Sunday seems to be the worst day of the week for you simply because you dread going to that place of work - for whatever reason. And your day has barely begun on Monday when you've started dreaming of Friday - just because you are looking forward to the weekend.

You are afraid. And you know. Yet you have blamed everyone who ever coached you or sold a service to you because they did not provide the help that you think you need.

Do you know the truth? You are a great person. Your future is bright but you are scared of your own future. You are so used to thriving on other people's affirmations that you are now addicted and it is now holding you back. You cannot seem to move because people have not said good things about YOUR DREAM. They are afraid of the dream you have and because you have always believed them and looked up to them, their own personal unbelief has become your death sentence.

Your side hustle has a lot of potentials but because you have continued to sit on it because of fear, you have ended up being a secret agent - gathering information and talking to no one about it. Stop it.

I need you to go back to your WHY. Why exactly did you start this journey in the first instance? What led you to where you are today? What led to the dream that you once had?

You need to go back to your roots - that is your why!

At this point, the only person who can unblock you and get you moving again, working on your dream is you.

Because you blocked yourself.

Nobody did.

If you really want something, if you really want to offer that service, if you really want to make that side hustle work, if you really want to quit that energy-draining work and invest your time in something or relationships that fill your heart with joy and fulfillment then,


STOP being a secret agent.

Offer that Service!

Happy Saint Valentine's day!

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