Feb 27, 2020 • 10M

ILP-0095: I don't Feel Qualified For The Job. Should I apply?

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Champions are ordinary people who acknowledged the greatness in themselves. Period. ~ Dapo Bankole

In this episode, I recounted an encounter that I had with a fellow first-generation Canadian immigrant back in 2015. The fellow had contacted me regarding a particular job that he was interested in. The deadline was fast approaching and he sought my opinion. A while after the deadline, I emailed him to find out if he eventually applied for the role and he told me no, he did not because, even though he had the years of experience, he did not have the certification that the role required. I was shocked. 

Well, I shared my email response to him in this episode and explained my reasoning. 

In summary, if you feel you can demonstrate that you meet 70-75% of what a hiring manager is asking for, please go ahead and apply. Bet on yourself!