Mar 14, 2020 • 15M

ILP-0104: Working Remotely: 5 Key Things To Consider

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Working Remotely: 5 Key Things To Consider

1. Your employer (if you work for others) policy must support this or at least your employer/manager needs to approve it.

2. Your type of work needs to support working remotely e.g. you cannot be a car mechanic or a surgeon and dream of working from home. It just does not work.

3. Do you have appropriate hardware and software tools that support remote work? It goes without saying that at a minimum, you need a suitable laptop, reliable and hi-speed internet access, phone, comfortable desk, and chair in order to work remotely.

4. Self-discipline: Working remotely is largely a trust arrangement. For sure, some organizations try to track their employee's minute by minute work when remote - but it is counterproductive and needless. As an employee or contractor who works remotely, the normal perks of the lifestyle mean you have flexible working hours but you must be disciplined enough to get your deliverables out the door! If you are trusted then deliver on that trust! Having a schedule has worked for me a lot.

5. Your personality type: Are you the type that must-see or touch someone else in order to get into the work mood and stay productive? If this is an absolute must, then don't bother.