Mar 18, 2020 • 18M

ILP-0106: Stop Stockpiling Retail Items!

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Dapo Bankole
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In this episode, I shared three stories – One. A completely drunk guy in a London train sang very beautiful and moving Christian worship songs despite his state of mind. Two. A popular very religious Christian brother that everyone knows so well falls ill was taken to the hospital and in an attempt to poke him and get him ready for drips, he shouts "Shopona (Sopona) o!". In Yoruba land, that is the god of smallpox. Yet this is a firebrand well-respected brother in a local church who does not believe in a lesser god. Three. I was in surgery at a time and had to be put to sleep and when the nurse woke me up in recovery, the first thing I said was "Oh, you are wearing a uniform and you don't even have wings! That means we are not in heaven”. She burst out laughing and said, "No we are in Calgary then called on a colleague to come and hear something funny."

Why did I go into all these? Crisis reveals your core values and beliefs. You can preach and sermonize people all you like but what you do or how you respond during a crisis reflects your true self. You can explain it away and say I am being unreasonable, thank you for that. It's my opinion anyway.

I have read online and listened to many people in western nations speak very derogatorily of refugees who flee war-torn countries for developed nations such as Canada, the US, France, etc. They respond to those people and speak to them like they did not know how to get their acts together like it is their lot and fault for being born in those countries as if they moved to their new countries because they are lazy or to simply exploit an economy that they never contributed to. These are people who ran away from war and pain and hunger and yet are calm and civil to others in their new home. I hope those people have a little feel of what war and instability feel like.

We are not even at war although facing a global threat and you are stockpiling, hoarding what is not scarce. Please stop it. And I know why you do it - you feel insecure. You feel out of control. Your heart is searching for safety, looking for a haven.

Hoarding is not the way forward. It only reveals your insecurity, selfishness, and insensitivity despite your best intentions. When we do this, we create systemic shortages which potentially lead to other problems. We create panic and uncertainty for others. I even heard that some people in the United States have started buying guns. Stop it! Trying to shore up for their insecurity. Stop it!!!

Buy just what you need. Retail stores will remain open. Manufacturing companies will continue to run. And even if such expectations change, we will be fine. We will live by new rules necessary for the times and seasons we are in. And we will all be fine. Buy just what you need.