Mar 20, 2020 • 32M

ILP-0107: Spacious Solidarity

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Dapo Bankole
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Spacious Solidarity is reframing for the new buzz word, "Social distancing". 

I'll like to give credit to Prof. Catherine Etmanski and Rae Abileah for bringing this beautiful mental work of Zahava Griss to my attention. It is what led me to dedicate an entire episode to this. I thought to emphasize the essence of social distancing in an episode because it is beginning to get to people. Staying home without an end date can be more disturbing than even the virus. 

So why do we need to exercise spacious solidarity?  When we maintain spacious solidarity, we save lives - Ours and that of others. I explained this more in the episode. However, when we come together as one, we will defeat this virus called Coronavirus. Everyday events continue to show me that covid-19 is a threat to humanity in humans. When we ill-treat and fight one another, the virus thrives. Evil thrives. Let's come together by giving one another space. This is why doctors and nurses are like the military men and women that we put in the line of fire of the enemy. This is our neighbor and fellow humans showing solidarity by going to work every day despite the risks. 

Our social culture is changing. Hi fives have become elbow bumps and foot fives. People can no longer give hugs, handshakes and french kisses. Metaphorically, covid-19 is a natural forest fire. It appears nature is self-cleansing but then new life will spring from the ashes. Painful for sure but in the end, that is what happens. We will arise with new mindset changes, new babies (coronials), new lives, new careers, etc. While fire rages, let's keep hope alive. 

If you are a person of faith like me - trust God and let go of your panic. Protect your mind. Negative mental programming is subtle. Shut down social media, the news station and whatever is the source of the negative news that comes your way. 

As we maintain spacious solidarity, lets remember T.J. Blackman, a wonderful lady. She said, "Maybe it's not as bad as it appears. It has been said there is a time for everything, and that everything has its season. It is always difficult to witness the seeming destruction of leafy green forests but it may ease our minds a little if we can remember that there are many cycles to the ecology of a forest, just as there are many cycles to life. It goes on, adapting, striving, and re-establishing itself on its own new terms. Even in the embers, there is a spark of new life."