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ILP0065: And it’s a Wrap!

ILP0065: And it’s a Wrap!

In this final episode of 2019, I highlighted the key milestones that we have crossed as a community (e.g. we now have listeners in 108 countries and downloads grew by 234% in 2020!) and the changes that are planned for 2020. Big changes are coming.

  • We are categorizing our content and discussions into spiritual, family, social, financial, work/business/career, physical well being, mental wellness, and first nation discussions.

  • We will release a new episode 5 times a week: Mon - Fri

  • We are launching an online community for two groups of members - Landed immigrants (FREE membership) and to-be immigrants (PAID membership). 

  • We will have an online conference in 2020

  • We will be launching our new website in 2020

  • I am finally releasing my new book!!!

  • Immigrant Life will be partnering with a lot of local, national and international organizations in 2020

All in all, I appreciate everyone for being a part of this community and helping us to transform into who we are today and also deciding where we are headed tomorrow. 

Please note that no new episodes will be released until Jan 6, 2020.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, depending on what you believe!

I love you all.

Dapo Bankole

The Immigrant Life
The Immigrant Life Podcast
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